Step 1: Read the Park Rules

You must read the park rules before you enter and you are responsible for sharing the park rules with your group.

Step 2: Read the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Step 3: Select reservation date and complete form using options below.

Optional Step 4: Make a reservation for a cottage or shade tent for premium seating

Bookings for day passes cannot be made more than 25 days ahead due to possible closures for private events. If you are unable to click the Reserve Now button, it means that it is too far away. Please wait until the date gets closer.


To ADD additional persons to your reservation, please submit a new reservation for the additional persons only. Please do not include the existing people in new reservation.

To Subtract persons, please email us:



To Reschedule:

Create Account using same email, log in, go to My Bookings, and click "Reschedule". 

To Cancel:

Create Account using same email, log in, go to My Bookings, and click "Cancel"

For any other questions, email us at:

For requests for exclusive bookings, please email us at


Day Pass Reservations

Use the Calendar Below to make a reservation for a day pass. Instructions are above. 

Waitlist means you are waiting in line to see if there are any cancellations. If there is a cancellation and a space opens up, you will be notified if you are next in line to join. It does not mean you are booked for that date. You are only booked if you receive a confirmation for your whole group. 

Spots = persons or heads available

You can only add people to your reservation if there are spots available. For the question, how many people are in your group, if you are unable to select the number that matches your group, then we are out of capacity for your group. 

You can only bring the number of people that matches your reservation.

As mentioned, bookings cannot be made more than 25 days ahead. If the "Reserve Now" button is grey and you cannot click on it, your date is too far ahead. 

Day Pass Reservation Dates



or Tent


Please make your reservation for a DAY PASS first.

(using the calendar in the section above)


Please note that you can only make a reservation for a cottage or tent if you have already made a reservation for a DAY Pass.

If you have not made a reservation for a day pass, your rental reservation will be returned. 

Reserving a cottage or tent will not automatically book you for day passes.

Reservations For Rentals

Contact us at:

or reach us on FB messenger.

You can also text message us at: 0949 714 1506

We are a small business and do not have staff to handle phone calls. We will answer if available. Text message is better. We will only answer during business hours from 9 am to 5 pm. We do not accept reservations via text or call.

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