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Cottage and Tent Rentals


Step 1: Verify Reservation

Do You Have A Confirmed Reservation?

You must have made a reservation for a day pass (or pictorial pass for a photoshoot) and completed steps 1 to 4 before you can reserve for a Cottage or Tent Rental. 

If you have not received a confirmation shown in Step 4, please return to the day pass reservation page and complete all the steps. 

You can only reserve a cottage for the same date as your pictorial pass or day pass reservation.

If you do not have a day pass reservation, your cottage or tent rentals will be cancelled!

Day Pass Sign.png

Step 2: Review Capacity

Make sure you get the correct number of cottages for your group.

The capacity of each shade tent / Cottage is limited due to COVID. Please see the limits below. Please make sure you get the proper number of rentals for your group. You can get multiple cottages if you need to. 

Please do not ask if you can exceed these limits. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Also, due to social distancing requirements, the tables cannot be moved together. We can provide an extra table for food, as mentioned in the extra table section below. 

Cottage Numbers.png

Step 3: View the Park Maps

The Maps will Help You Choose the Location

Click on Picture to Enlarge

For Poolside Cottages - Casitas #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, you can add shade tents attached to the back of the cottage to increase the capacity for your group. This is shown on the Poolside Map.

Other than the cottages mentioned above, shade tents can only be placed in the areas marked "Shade Tent Areas"

Reservations For Rentals

Step 4: Make Your Reservations

Step 5: Review Confirmation

The Maps will Help You Choose the Location

Click on Picture to Enlarge

Make sure you see this message before you complete your booking process. If you do not see this, you have not submitted your reservation properly.

Please try again or view our booking guide for assistance. 

Screenshot 2020-11-12 163605.png

You will also receive an email with your booking details. Please verify that the cottage number and date are correct. 

If you do not see an email, please check your SPAM folder. If you have received an email, you are confirmed. 

Step 6: Make Advance Payment

A full payment of the cottages / shade tents are required in advance in order to hold your rental for you. This applies even if you booked the rental the day before or the morning of. Failure to pay the rental in advance will result in the cottage being available for rental by other guests.   

You will receive the payment instructions during the booking process. If you forget them, please message us. 

Extra Tables / Chairs

Unfortunately, we are unable to add any extra chairs to your cottage or shade tent. 

We give you enough chairs per person, up to the cottage's capacity. We cannot allow chairs to be added due to capacity limits. 

Tables cannot be added to cottages or tents for seating. However, tables can be added for food only. You can bring your own table, or you can rent a long white table from us for 100 Pesos. 


You are able to decorate your cottage or shade tent how you would like, as long as it does not damage the cottage or tent. The decorations must stay within the boundaries of the cottage. All decorations must be removed and cleaned up before you leave.

After that, you are all set.

See you soon!

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