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Overnight Camping

At this time, we are only accepting groups of 30 PAX or more*

*Your group can be less than 30 pax, but you must pay for 30 pax minimum. 


check-in & Check-Out

Our overnight camping package includes overnight use of the park and 1 day pass per person to enjoy the park during the day. You can enjoy the park for up to 23 hours!

We have 2 options for check-in and check-out

Option #1:          Check-in:            9:00 AM

                             Check-out:         8:30 AM Next Day


Option #2:          Check-in:            5:00 PM

                             Check-out:         5:00 PM Next Day



5 PM to 9 AM the next day

Bring Your Own Tent for Sanitary Reasons

  • Restroom Facilities

  • Changing Rooms

  • Showers - Both Open showers and Private Showers

  • Free Wifi for up to 5 devices

  • String Lights for lighting of area

  • Free Fire Pit for Bonfire (Only evening Use, Only 1 set of wood included)

  • 1 Grill (without charcoal)

  • 4 Free Shade Tents

  • 2 Free Food Tables

  • Use of the Pool (Pool Closes at 9 PM, Pool Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM)

  • 1 Table for every 6 persons , 1 chair per person

  • Free Game Rentals including volleyball, soccer, badminton, and lawn games

  • Free use of any cottages

Day Use

9 AM to 5 PM

Includes 1 Day Pass Per Person

  • Includes all day use facilities, including the pool and the lake

  • You can leave your tents set up during the day

  • Continued use of the 4 shade tents

  • Continued use of the 2 Food Tables

  • Continued use of the 1 Grill

  • Continued use of the tables and chairs

  • Continued use of the wifi for the 5 devices

Park Rules


  • No Smoking anywhere inside the park

  • City Curfew is at 10 PM

  • Music Speakers are okay, must be turned down at 10 PM

  • Please do not touch the plants

  • No Pets Allowed

  • Shower before you enter the pool

  • No fire outside of the fire pit or grill

  • There is an electricity fee to use electric cooking equipment

  • Please do not use the pool from 9 PM to 9 AM. Chemicals will be added at 9 PM that are harsh on the skin.

  • Please follow all social distancing laws

  • Face mask and Full Face Shield required to enter the park

  • Please respect the property. You will be charged for any damages

  • Please do not enter private areas. 

  • Corkage Policy Also Applies

Day Use

Please follow all day use rules listed below

Park Rules 1.jpg
Park Rules 2.jpg


Please see the rates for our Overnight Camping Package

  • 500 Pesos per head for 30+ heads (Minimum 15,000 pesos per group)

  • 450 Pesos per head for 60+ heads

Add Ons


  • Movie Night (Includes Projector, Screen, and Speakers)                 2000 Pesos

  • Speaker Rental                                                                                        1000 Pesos

  • Deluxe Speaker Rental                                                                          1500 Pesos

  • Projector with Screen                                                                            1500 Pesos

Day Use

  • Extra Shade Tents                                                                                   300 Pesos

  • Lakeside Casita Cottage                                                                         500 Pesos

  • Lakeside Cabana Cottage                                                                       1000 Pesos

  • Poolside Casita Cottage                                                                         500 Pesos

  • Poolside Cabana Cottage                                                                       1000 Pesos

  • Extra Grill (no charcoal)                                                                         150 Pesos

  • Extra Food Tables                                                                                   100 Pesos

  • Kayak Rental (Per Hour, Sharable)                                                      150 Pesos

  • Paddle Board Rental (Per Hour, Sharable)                                         150 Pesos

  • Canoe Rental (Per Hour, Sharable)                                                      200 Pesos

  • Pedal Boat (Per Hour, Sharable)                                                          250 Pesos

  • Volleyball Rental (Per Hour Per Game, Sharable)                            100 Pesos

  • Soccer Ball Rental (Per Hour Per Game, Sharable)                           100 Pesos

  • Lawn Games (Per Hour Per Game, Sharable)                                    100 Pesos

How to Book

Please send us an email to inquire at:

You can also message us on Facebook Messenger

Please note that availability is subject to the amount of open spots we have available for day use. There must be enough available spots for your group size, as you will be required to make a day-use booking. 

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