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Paw Pass Information

Paw Pass Sample.png

A valid Paw Pass is REQUIRED for pet entry. There is no charge to register for a Paw Pass. Dogs only at this time.

Please wait until you have received your Paw Pass via email before visiting the Park with your pet.

How to get a Paw Pass

To obtain a Paw Pass, please register using the form below. You will receive your Paw Pass via email.  Please note that it may take up to 6 business days. You can message us on barkpark facebook messenger to request an expedite if needed, although not guaranteed. 

You will receive 3 files. 1 copy for displaying the pass on your phone, 1 copy ready to print, and 1 copy for sharing on your favorite platform if you choose (with hidden info)

Using a Paw Pass

A Paw Pass is for pet entry purposes only and allows your pet free use of our dog park, Bark Park. It also helps us make sure that a dog's vaccinations are up to date. The safety of our guests is very important to us and this helps us keep the guests safe.


Each time you bring your pet to Cascades, our front gate attendant will ask to see the Paw Pass for your pet. You may show the Paw Pass on your smartphone, or you may print out a copy on paper. 

Upon your pet's first entry inside the park, you, the pet's owner, will be asked to sign a liability waiver for your pet. 

Paw Pass requirements

The following is required to get a Paw Pass:

  • Your dog must be at least 4 months old

  • Your dog must have completed:

    • Final 5-in-1 vaccine, given at 16 weeks, and yearly shot afterwards. Minimum 3 shots for puppies.​

    • Rabies shot (First shot given at 3 months, booster 5-7 months, and yearly shot afterwards)

  • A clear picture of your dog, preferably where the face is visible

  • A clear picture of your dog's vaccination card. The dog's name and vet must be visible, as well as the full view of the vaccine information.

We also highly recommend:

  • Current De-Worming (every 3 to 4 months)

  • Current Kennel Cough vaccine

  • Current anti-flea/tick

Paw Pass expiration

Your Paw Pass will expire a year after the latest completed rabies or 5-in-1 vaccine, which ever date comes first. 

You can renew the Paw Pass after the vaccine card has been updated. 

Can I have my Paw Pass Cancelled?

Yes, you can lose your Paw Pass for abuse of our rules (to be posted soon), such as not cleaning up after your pet, destruction of property, or having an aggressive pet that is a danger to other.

Paw Pass Registration

To register your dog for a Paw Pass, please complete the form below. 

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