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Reservations Are Required

Due to the ongoing pandemic and for the health and safety of our guests, we will be implementing special procedures to keep our guests and our employees safe as a precaution against COVID. One of our safety measures is limiting the capacity of guests we allow inside in a single day. It is the current law to have less than 50% capacity during MGCQ.

Because we do not want guests to drive a long distance just to find out that we do not have any more room, we are requiring reservations. Please use the reservation link and use the booking calendar to submit your reservation today! 

You must make your reservation for the correct number of people. We will only allow the number of guests on your reservation inside the park. 1 spot - 1 person or 1 PAX.

Reservation Advance Payments

Because we have a limited capacity, our space can fill up pretty quickly. It is unfair to other guests if a reservation is submitted, but the guest does not show up. Due to this, we are requiring an advance payment of 50 Pesos per head to secure a reservation. Payment instructions are given at checkout.

Please pay your advance payment within 4 business days from the date you submit your reservation request in order to hold your reservation. If there are any issues with this, please contact us. 

If your reservation request is less than 4 days away from your reservation date, there is no need to make a deposit. You can pay upon arrival.

Don't worry. The advance payment is not an extra fee and will be applied to your total when you check in. Also, you will not have to pay for those that do not end up showing up. The advanced payment for those people that do not show will just be applied to those who do show. 

Adding Additional Guests to Reservation

To add guests, we ask that you make a new reservation for the additional guests only. You will have multiple reservations, and we will join them together at check-in. 

Kindly note that there must be available spots on your reservation date to add additional guests to your reservation. If we are already fully booked, then you cannot add additional guests. 1 spot = 1 PAX or 1 person. 

Please make your reservation for the correct number of guests. If you think more people might join, please include them in your initial reservation. It is easier to minus guests from your group than to add, especially if we are fully booked. 

Redeeming Gift Certificates

When redeeming gift certificates, the name of the reservation must match the name on the certificate. Gift Certificates cannot be sold or transferred. If the name on the certificate needs to be corrected, please let us know. Send us a picture or scan of the gift certificate after you book so we can credit it to your reservation. Please send it to: 

Social Distancing and Safety Protocols

All guests must also wear a face mask, and a face shield is highly encouraged. 1.5 Meter social distancing will be enforced. A mask will not be required while underwater swimming only. We will also be taking temperatures at our entrance. Guests will fill out a contact tracing form, liability waiver, and hands will be sprayed with alcohol. 

We have a very large space, so all tables will have plenty of space between them. We disinfect all tables and chairs after each use. We also have a hand wash station for you to wash your hands frequently.

We will be limiting our capacity to 180 guests, which is less than 50% of our capacity. This is to ensure that everyone can have a great time with plenty of space to enjoy while also staying safe.

Tables and cottages cannot be moved together. We must follow capacity limits.

Corkage and Disposing of Garbage

We do allow outside food and soft drinks to be brought inside our park. Please see the information regarding corkage below.


We do charge a corkage fee of 200 or 300 Pesos, depending on your group size. We will dispose of your garbage for you. However, if you do not want to pay the corkage fee, we give you the option to dispose of your own garbage without paying the corkage fee.

For a summary, please see below. You can choose Option 1 OR Option 2

Corkage Fee Options

Option 1

200 Peso Corkage Fee

(for groups of less than 10)

300 Corkage Fee

(for groups of 10 or more)

We will take care of disposing of any garbage you have. You can leave your trash with us.

Option 2

0 Corkage Fee

You are avoid paying the corkage fee by disposing of your own garbage. If you take your trash home to dispose, we won't charge you corkage.

We will require a 300 peso refundable deposit for groups of 10 or more. Upon leaving the park, we will inspect your area and give you the money back if your area is clean and you have taken your garbage to dispose of at home. 

Swimming  - Attire & Showering

You must wear proper swim attire if you wish to use our pool. Infants that are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper. We sell swim diapers at our bar. 

All guests must also shower before swimming in the pool or lake.


No Outside Alcohol

All coolers and containers are subject to search upon entry and while on the premises. Outside Alcohol is strictly not allowed. If you are caught with outside alcohol, you may be asked to leave the park without a refund. 

No Smoking Policy

We are a SMOKE-FREE park. We do not allow smoking anywhere on our property. Please inform all of your guests about this rule. If any guests are caught smoking, the guest may be asked to leave the park without a refund.

Our Plants

We are a nature park and have planted several plants and trees to add the beauty of the property. Please leave our plants untouched. Any destruction of our plants including its leaves will result in one being asked to leave the park without a refund.

Music / Speakers / Shouting

Please respect the guests around you and keep your music speakers at its lowest settings. The sound should not be heard from beyond your table or cottage. We do not allow any music speakers in our Lakeside area. No lout noises or shouting also. 

No Pets Policy

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets at this time. We are unable to take any exceptions to this policy. Small pets or pets in a cage / crate will still not be allowed.

Enter At Your Own Risk

We require all guests to sign liability waivers before entering the park. This will be done at the front gate.

Please understand that we are a nature park and we are surrounded by nature. While we do our best to control nature and its creatures in our area, we are unable to eliminate them all. You may encounter some ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and other insects on your visit. We are unable to issue refunds due to this. We are also unable to issue refunds due to weather conditions. We are open rain or shine.

Also, please watch your step in all areas, especially around wet areas such as the pond or pool. Note that we are not liable for any accidents or injury caused by one's negligence.

Please note that we are not liable for theft or damage to vehicles on our property.  We are also not responsible for loss or damage to belongings or property. Please keep your valuables with you.

We reserve the right to prohibit any other activity that we determine may be harmful or disruptive, in our sole and absolute discretion.

Refund  and Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

Your advance payments / deposits, tickets, and purchases are non-refundable. If for some reason you are unable to attend on the date of your reservation, we can entertain a date change only. 

In order for us to be able to apply your payment to a new reservation date, we will need to be notified at least by 8 am on your reservation date. That way, we can reschedule your reservation properly. If you do not reschedule by 8 am on your reservation date, your payment may be forfeited. 

Overnight Stay

At this time, we do not offer overnight stay. We close promptly at 5:00 PM daily.


Grilling is only allowed in our grilling area. You may bring your own grill or you may rent one from us. 

Professional Photography Policy / Pictorial Pass

No professional photography, including drones, without our permission. 

To reserve a pictorial pass, you must be a professional photographer with a registered photography business who is being paid for a photoshoot, or someone who has hired a professional photography company for a photoshoot. This pass cannot be reserved for regular day use when we are fully booked for day passes. If it is discovered that this pass has been reserved for regular day use only, the reservation is subject to cancellation at any time.  We may also require the photographer to appear during check-in for verification. 

You can only book 1 pictorial pass per customer, per day. You cannot book more than 1 pictorial pass on the same date. Separate dates are okay. 

Rates for

Day Passes

& Rentals

Day Pass - Entrance on Weekdays

₱150 - Weekday Promo Price for all persons

Inclusive of Pool and Pond Use

Good for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Only. Excludes Holidays. Includes free seating in our Pavilion area. Upgrades to private shade tent, casita or cabana available.

Available until October 31, 2020

Day Pass - Entrance on Weekends

₱200 - Adults

₱160 - Children, Seniors, PWD

Inclusive of Pool and Pond Use

Good for any day of the week, including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Includes free seating in our Pavilion area. Upgrades to private shade tent, casita or cabana available.

Day Pass - Ages 2 & Below

Free Entry

Inclusive of Pool and Pond Use

Good for any day of the week, including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Includes free seating in our Pavilion area. Upgrades to private shade tent, casita or cabana available.

Pictoral Pass

₱1800 - Good for up to 10 Persons

Professional Photography Only

Meant for those taking pictures for prenup or other event

Inclusive of Pool and Pond Use

Good for any day of the week, including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Includes free seating in our Pavilion area. Upgrades to private shade tent, casita or cabana available.

Cottage - Cabana

₱1000 - Good for whole day

Poolside or Lakeside

Max PAX per is 10 persons during COVID. Good for day use only. No overnight stay. Comes with 2 tables and 1 chair per person.

Cottage - Casita

₱500 - Good for whole day

Poolside or Lakeside

Max PAX per is 6 persons during COVID. Good for day use only. No overnight stay. Comes with 1 table and 1 chair per person.

Shade Tent

₱250 - Good for whole day

Can only be placed in our open fields

Max PAX per is 8 persons during COVID. Good for day use only. No overnight stay. Comes with 1 table and 1 chair per person.

Free Seating

Tables and chairs located in our Pavilion Area

Public Seating at no extra charge

Tables cannot be moved together

Tables only upon availability

Pedal Boat

₱250 - Per Hour

4 Seater / 4 Persons

1 Boat Available

Use of feet required to move


₱200 - Per Hour

3 Seater / 3 Persons

1 Boat Available


₱150 - Per Hour

1 Seater / 1 Persons

2 Boats Available

Paddle Board

₱150 - Per Hour

1 Person at a time

2 Boards Available


Bring Your Own Pole

₱200 - Per Kilo for Black Tilapia

₱450 - Per Kilo for Orange Tilapia

Fish Food

₱10 - Per Cup


Free Parking

2 Lots Available

Bus Parking Available


Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for taking an interest in Cascades Nature Park.

Below are some of the questions we have been asked and we thought it would help out others.

This will be updated with the latest information as we have it. Feel free to send us a message if you have any further questions. Salamat!




Do you require masks and face shields?

Yes! We do require masks and you will need to wear one throughout the park! It is very important that you wear a mask when you are walking around!

The only exception is when you are swimming or eating.

Face shields are not required, but highly recommended. All of our employees will be wearing masks and face shields.


Do you allow children and seniors?

Due to the safety procedures that we have implemented, and because we keep our front gate closed and require reservations, seniors and children are allowed in our park. Please add them to your reservation.


What are your hours?

We are open from 9 am to 5 pm daily, rain or shine. We do not offer overnight hours or accommodations. These hours can be extended for exclusive private rentals of our park.


What are your rates?

Please visit the rates section on our website.


Do you allow pets?

Sorry. Unfortunately, we do not allow pets at this time. We are not able to take any exceptions to this and small pets or pets in a cage / crate are still not allowed.


Do you allow overnight stay?

We do not have any overnight accommodations at this time.

If you are a group of 30 or more and want to inquire about overnight camping, please reach out to us. We do not allow overnight camping for groups of less than 30.


Will you allow people to bring food or drinks? Do you charge a corkage fee? Will you also offer food and drinks?

Please see our park rules listed above regarding our corkage fees, options, and requirements. 



Can I make a reservation? How do I?

Yes, we will allow bookings up to 25 days in advance for day pass users. Private exclusive books can be made at any time, with up to 25 days notice for a desired date.

We are unable to take any reservations over the phone or through fb messenger.

You can book a reservation on our website at any time. Please visit the link below:


Do you have a contact number? What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through email. You can also message us on fb messenger. Our email address is:

Due to limited staffing, our phone operations are limited. If we are busy helping another guest, we may not be able to answer the phone at the time of your call. We also do not have a person to answer the phone outside of our normal business hours. If you still need our number, please send us an email or message us through Facebook messenger.

We are unable to take a reservation over the phone.


Do you have a grill / grilling area?

Yes, we do have a grilling area. We do not offer a grill due to sanitary reasons for covid. You can bring your own grill at no charge or you can rent one from us for a fee. 200 with charcoal, and 150 if you bring your own charcoal.

Grilling is only allowed in our grilling area and will not be tolerated anywhere else in the park.


Do you allow night swimming?

Sorry. Unfortunately, we close our doors at 5 pm and ask all guests to leave for the day.


Do you allow outside alcohol?

Sorry. Unfortunately, we do not allow outside alcohol. You may purchase alcohol from our bar.


Do you allow music / speakers?

We only allow music speakers in our open field and the volume must be kept quiet so that only your group can hear. We do not allow loud music or loud shouting.


Where are you located?

Please visit "Directions / Location" on our website


What kind of business are you?

See our "About Us" Section on our website.


What services will you be offering?

See our "About Us" Section on our website.


How big /deep is the pool?

We believe we have one of the largest pools in northern Cebu. Our pool is over 600 square meters!

Our pool is divided into two sections. The main section is at a constant depth of 48 inches, or about 122 centimetres. The smaller section that is more kid friendly is at a depth of 36 inches or about 92 centimetres. The smaller section has steps / seats all around for the smaller ones.

Don’t forget about the waterfall in the pools corner!


Are you hiring?

Due to COVID-19, we will not be hiring any office staff at this time. As things improve closer to the end of the year, office positions may open up.



Due to COVID, reservations are required. We have a limited capacity per day and can only accept a certain number of people. We do not want people to show up, only to be turned away due to a full capacity. Therefore, we will require reservations until further notice. 

Contact us at:

or reach us on FB messenger.

We do not have anyone to cover our phones at this time, so we will ask that you message us on Facebook or email us with your questions.

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